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Polish Canadian Model

Bozena Zag - Fashion Model

Hello there,

Maybe it’s important to let you know good things about myself, it would then be an amusing bio if I flatter myself. My Portfolio, Editorials, Stats and Interviews might say more about myself and my work. I come from a small town, and am simply a down to earth woman that is not shy getting in front of the camera and shoot with some amazing creative photographers.

Deciding on a career in 2014, that I been dreaming of since I was a young child was the easiest choice I have ever made and I’ve never looked back. Deciding to be a Freelance Model with no Agent, meant traveling quite a bit to the destinations, photographers and connecting to the right people in the industry that were in better understanding of the vision and preference.

I love doing shoots in fashion art and art into fashion. It gives you the ability to create all that happens in your creative mind, and I love it.

Finally, I want to say what someone once said to me. “ The grass is never greener on the other side. It is when you water it.”

Yours Truly, Bozena Zag 😘 

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For bookings please contact my Publicist RJ Garis

MY ABOUT STORY:  Showing you how to turn your life right side up after it goes upside down.    

Imagine this: You’re 36, newly separated, raising 3 little kids in a small town. The scary reality hits: whatís next? I attempted things a person should never think about. Depression does not run in my family. My kids are my life. I tried to stay strong and positive. After some time my body was so tired and I just couldn’t do it anymore.

That was me 10 years ago. I had no clue how to start over. Accepting divorce was hard enough. Top that with suddenly needing to find a career, and life felt like a losing game. I come from a very cultural family where you just stay strong and keep going as if nothing has happened.

But this curve ball took me out. I was depressed and hiding it. I did that very well, but I was dying inside and it became a very dark time or me.

I had two choices: stay in bed or make it.

I was panting every morning for a few months at least when waking up and moving to take care of my young kids and get them ready for school. As painful as it was to get out of bed, I did. With each subsequent day it hurt a little less. My body was getting used to the new routine, and instead of just going through the motions, I chose to not just get out of bed every morning, I made the intentional decision to make it. Thatís how I began to design the life of my dreams.

I started by accomplishing one simple task a day. I pushed myself every morning to go to the gym. Working out was never an issue for me. But at that time of my life unfortunately it was a struggle. I went and did small easy workouts to start and I started slowly feeling good. EACH TASK I CHECKED OFF FELT LIKE A WIN, AND I STARTED TO REALIZE THAT I’M MORE CAPABLE THAN I EVER GAVE MYSELF CREDIT FOR.

I STARTED TO THINK about things I always fantasized about like luxury cars and modeling. They were never an option in my childhood or married life. I was not confident in myself to even initiate something so extravagant in my life.

BUT they could be now! My kids were so young when I decided at 36 years old to start my modeling career. Where do you even start? I was very slow developing that career. I had to do so much research and learn about HOW THE INDUSTRY WORKS.

Where I’m from, a modeling career does not exist. I had to save up money, so I could travel to Los Angeles, Miami and New York to get my photos taken by famous, well-known photographers. That also meant working around my kids’ schedules. I planned all my modeling trips around our custody agreement, so I only travelled when my kids were with their dad. This required a lot of prep work. I made sure all three kid had the outfits they needed, their lunches packed and labeled and so forth. Creating this type of organized system enabled me to go on these trips and give my all to get the best photos I could to build my modeling portfolio.

I would not have had it any other way. As a mom you always want to make sure your babies are taken care of. I made it really easy for my ex husband, which in turn made life easier for me.

In order afford these trips to support my dreams of being a working model, I knew I needed to save up.

That meant getting a job. But not just any job. I identified the key characteristics I would need in a job to work with my lifestyle and realized my top priorities were a job that offered flexibility, a steady income and something that didn’t feel like I was clocking in and out.

So where did I go? A luxury car dealership! It checked all my boxes.

Over the next few years, I worked hard. I took a lot of courses and grew a book of business that lead to me being a successful saleswoman selling BMWs.

It’s been a long, rocky path. Even though I was told I was too old to model, that I didn’t have enough experience to book a job, and to expect a lot of rejections, I didn’t let the naysayers rule my destiny. Instead I committed to following daily rituals that empowered me and kept me pushing forward at times when I got tired.

For example, I created a morning routine: I would get up at the same time every day — 5:30am. Then pour myself a cup of coffee and begin my day investing in me. I spent one hour networking to further my modeling pursuits. The other hour I practiced visualization. I would envision what I would want my dream career to look like. I would see myself in the pages of Maxim magazine and traveling to exotic destinations for photo shoots.

After that I would get dressed for the day and transition into working mom mode. I would make school lunches for my kids, see them off to school and head to the car dealership.

Because I never stopped betting on myself, eventually my modeling career took off.

One social media post got the attention of a modeling agent, who booked me for my first international photo shoot, and the rest is history. Remember how I visualized myself in Maxim Magazine? They recently flew me to Tulum for a three-day photo shoot!

I am proof that anything is possible at any age, regardless of your circumstances and that you can turn a failure into your fortune.